One of our readers asked Dr. Ben:

How long do shrooms stay in your system?

Answer: If you're asking about the length of time the high from taking shrooms or "magic mushrooms" continues -- then the response is all about three to six hours. A lot of this depends upon the way that your body metabolizes psilocybin. Once consumed, the body absorbs the psilocin from the mushrooms. Within 20 to 40 minutes the drug could be detected in your blood stream. After a bit more than an hour (70 to 90 minutes) the psilocin reaches its greatest concentration in your blood. This is actually the time whenever you would most probably feel the full results of the shrooms.

The psilocybin continues to be detectible in your blood or urine for many more hours after, even after you can't feel the results of the mushrooms. Mushroom use can be actually detected by hair drug tests in a time frame of about three months - - it may be out of the own body, but it could nevertheless hang out in your hair.

Used in smaller quantities, psilocybin mushrooms generate a sense of relaxation and visual distortions. For example, users experience a sense of being noticing themselves and detached from their body, see brilliant arrangements of light and colour, or see pictures before them. In larger doses, users may experience physical sensations, including lightheadedness; numbness of the lips, tongue, and mouth; shivering or perspiration; nausea; and, stress.

Psilocybin mushrooms don't normally cause dangerous physical responses, nor is dependency or physical dependency likely. However, individual users' experiences vary widely, predicated on numerous variables. In addition, preexisting mental problems, like depression, can cause unpredictable responses to psilocybin mushrooms, as can use with a different drug, like cannabis. Hallucinations vary from the fascinating and pleasurable to the awful and stress producing. Intense experiences could be physically and emotionally uncomfortable, and also the recollection may remain together with the user for quite a very long time. Flashbacks of excursions are also common among regular users of the drug.